look out hobbits here we come!

we arrived in NZ today! picked up our little campervan (which is soooo cute!) and are at our first stopover in rotorua, where tomorrow we will go check out the thermal pools, bubbling mud, and geysers (which they insist on pronouncing “geezers”). i’ve been to yosemite in the u.s., but j’s never seen any of this before, so should be fun. the scenery is just stunning – if this is what it looks like in winter, i can’t even fathom how beautiful it must be in summer. j and i keep saying “there’s a hobbit! over there!” the overall impression is that it looks like the worlds bumpiest golf-course.

meanwhile i am practicing cooking in the hunchback position. made a steak and potato and salad dinner (not bad, if I do say so myself) and i believe i now have permanent scoliosis.

me and j cooped up in 8 square feet of space for 3 weeks – should be a giggle!

more soon y’all…

2 Responses to “look out hobbits here we come!”

  1. Ali
    August 3rd, 2006 19:31

    …that’s because it’s the correct pronunciation!

  2. Jen
    August 4th, 2006 08:25

    he, he, he… i’ve been “correcting” j all day, just to wind him up! ;)

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