about jen

jenwell, if you’ve made it to this part of the site, you a) are lost or b) have a burning curiosity to know a bit more about us. in either case, you’re here now, so i’ll take the opportunity to indulge in a little harmless self-aggrandizement.

as you may have surmised, my name is jen. i’m a 33 (eek!) year old bostonian/new yorker/neurotic, currently living in london, uk.  you can usually find me at "jen’s den of iniquity" shooting my virtual mouth off.

somewhere along the line, i met jonno and convinced him to marry me in spite of the clear evidence of hereditary insanity.  at some point in 2004, we hatched a plan to run away and travel around the world.  the circus plans fell through, so instead, two years of scrimping and saving and being the-most-utterly-boring-couple-on-the-face-of-the-earth followed.

and now, finally, we’re off! takeoff is 15th April 2006, return to london scheduled for october 2006, or thereabouts.  assuming we decide to come back at all…and assuming we both make it through the experience without some tragic form of murder-suicide.  thank god jonno has a good sense of humour.

should be fun, so come along for the ride. 

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