back on the grid

so we’ve been off the grid, quite literally, for about 9 days now. sporadic electricity, rainwater for washing, and no internet access. i’ve not seen or heard what’s happening in the world… and i havent really cared. amazing how that happens.

but that also means i have a lot of back-posting to do, so catch up with the stuff below. still lots of photos waiting to go up – i’ll let you know when i manage that.

tomorrow is our last day in fiji – and though it’s been wonderful, i am very excited for new zealand. sadly enough, i’m actually looking forward to cooking our own meals! you wouldn’t think a body could get tired of eating out all the time, but you do.

anyway, nice to be back, and hope everything is still in one peace…


update: the fiji photos are here, the australia roadtrip photos are here

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