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Sunday, December 11th, 2005

I have only just now realised how very close our round the world trip is!  I mean, xmas is nearly upon us, and after the new year, there’s only three months of work left and we’re outta here! (I’ll be finishing my job at the end of March, 2 weeks before we leave…)

It’s seemed so far away for so long, that I haven’t really been thinking about it, except in a very abstract way.  I haven’t researched anything.  Obviously, a great deal of the itinerary will be flexible, but I want to at least know what things I don’t want to miss.

Also, need to figure out how to structure my blog.  Updating from the road should be simple enough, since I can blog by email.  I need to think about storage for all the zillions of photos, since I’ll have to download them at some point, and internet cafes are probably not too conducive for uploading 300MB worth of pix at a time.

Irrespective of that, though, is deciding whether to just integrate it into my existing blog, or make it a separate blog all together.  Also, changing the layout to make it easier to do stuff like maps and stuff.

So much to think about/arrange/research/buy and so little time! I have decided I really, really want this pack because it’s like carrying *air*.  And considering that no matter what kind of pack I have and no matter how little I bring, I will, at some point during the 6 months, want to throw my pack into the nearest lake, I figure if it cuts down on that impulse even a little, then it’s a good investment.  I already bought these trail shoe/sandals which just feel incredible on my feet.  I also need some of these pants for travelling and this black/green reversible skirt (I know, I am sooo not a skirt person, normally, but a long, loose skirt is sooo comfy on long flights).  Also, maybe this first aid set – I’m a bit undecided on that.  Part of me says bringing syringes is overkill – the other part of me says I don’t want to need a shot in rural Laos and not have something sterile.  I need a travel towel and a travel clothesline and a travel alarm clock and a usb card reader and a big memory card (maybe santa is reading!).  Soon we have to start getting our yellow fever and hepatitis and tetanus jabs.  decide whether or not we’ll need malaria pills, etc., etc., etc.

Anyway, in the spirit of documenting all this, I’m starting a new category… updates to follow as I start to get my shit together!

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