the big questions

::how’d you plan this?

We hatched this crazy plan about two years ago. originally it was going to be a year long trip, but eventually we figured 6 months was more manageable to plan (and pay) for. we started saving, but really only kicked the ultimate budgeting into overdrive about a year ago, after we got back from our wedding. trust me – a year is the longest you can really scrimp and save like this without losing your mind (or your travelling partner).

::how’d you decide where to go?

basically there were a few criteria: 1. that it provide good travel bang for the buck 2. that it be somewhere we probably wouldn’t have a chance to get to otherwise. In one way, it was really difficult to decide. In another, it was quite easy. And as long as I get to see Angkor Wat and 3 toed sloths, I’m a happy girl.

::how much did it cost?

more than it should have, but less than it could have. in the end, we saved enough to pay our bills while away (yes, that’s the biggest bummer), some money for re-entry, and about as much as we thought we’d need for 6 months in (mostly) non-westernised countries. altogether about £16,000.

::aren’t you worried about terrorism?

no more so than in london or new york.

::how do you travel with enough clothes for 6 months?

you don’t. You travel with enough clothes for about 4 days. then… you launder. Also, surprisingly enough, they have clothing in other countries. what you don’t have, you can buy.

personally, I’m planning to take a 40 litre capacity backpack. i figure that’s big enough for my minimal requirements, and small enough that i won’t be tempted to over pack. also, I can take it as a carry-on, which is a big plus.

jonno is taking his giant 70 litre pack anyway, so he can hold all my hairproducts and electrical appliances. (just kidding sweetie!)

::how’re you planning to stay connected?

well, my grand idea for information management includes my lovely 30 gig ipod, my lovely digital camera, a usb stick or two, and an electrical charger. i plan to load pics to my ftp site as I go along, using the ipod for mass storage as needed. and internet cafes for everything else (email, blog updates, etc) . we’ll see how that works out.

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