about jonno

jonno is a turning-29-year-old south african-cum-brit, who, for some inexplicable reason, consented to marry me. which is proof enough that he’s got a skewed sense of humour.

having spent 6 months wandering around asia previously, jonno is the more seasoned backpacker of the two of us (advantage: jonno). this does not, however, mean that he is any better at miming in mandarin, avoiding traveller’s diarrhea, or won’t foolishly pack bluejeans. plus, he’s never been to south america and can’t speak a word of spanish (advantage:jen).

when he’s not busy traipsing the globe, he likes to rockclimb, play guitar, noodle on the computer, and make me laugh until beverages shoot from my nose.

I’ve got a feeling that sense of humour is gonna come in pretty handy.

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