patience in port jim

we’re here in puerto jimenez, a one lone dusty street kind of town, with nothing to do or see in the town itself. but it’s a jumping off point for the corcovado national park and the golfo dulce, and that’s why we’re here as well. this evening we’re out on a dolphin watch kayak tour, and tomorrow we spend the day hiking in the corcovado. I feel a bit wimpy about hiring a guide, but i’ll admit i was a bit freaked out by the guidebook talking about crocodiles and bull sharks at the river crossings. not looking for that kind of close encounter, thanks very much. plus, guides know all the best places to see stuff, so hopefully we’ll get some good wildlife spotting.

i’ve not been so great with the camera lately. san jose isn’t very photogenic, and puerto viejo is just a smudge of beach, so not much in the way of pics (not to mention that outside san jose, the internet connection bites) but there are a few (including our sloth sighting!) here.

much more to come, i’m sure… fingers crossed for no rain!

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