we’re here in puerto viejo de talamanca, a little carribean reggae oasis, relaxing and unwinding on the beach. we’re in full wind-down mode, even as i am trying desperately to pretend we’re not.

here’s a secret: i’m scared. i’m afraid i’ll crash and burn on re-entry. smash up between the collide of living my dream and living the everyday, like downshifting a racing car from 90mph into first gear. blowout.

i can’t remember how to do my job. i have no flat, i have no phone. i have almost no money. i have no ambition to get any of these things back.

that’s the scariest part.

what i do have is an overwhelming desire to disappear into the beach jungle with what’s left and live out the rest of my days on fresh mangoes and my meagre earnings from selling souvenir t-shirts.

not the most mature or productive line of thinking, but there you have it.

i’m just not ready. let nat west even try to hunt me down…

3 Responses to “escapism”

  1. Avril
    September 29th, 2006 12:59

    Sounds good to me pretty girl

  2. kim
    September 30th, 2006 11:38

    you will be just fine! how great will it be when you are back in london and you need a bit of an escape, you will have so many memories and photos to take you away from it all!

  3. Nicole
    September 30th, 2006 20:42

    I really don’t blame you! I’m certain you will be fine- but I don’t blame you at all. . .

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