more random wisdom

more lessons learned as we near the end:

1. the bus is always 10 degrees too cold.

2. the less developed the country, the more expensive the postage.

3. electricity is a very bad way to heat shower water.

4. s.u.v.s are not just an american plague.

5. you can get dunkin’ donuts in bangkok, chile and peru… but not london. in fact it is easier to get american products just about anywhere else in the world (including *cambodia*) than it is in the u.k. go figure.

6. checking in 2 hours ahead of a flight really is important.

7. anyplace that quotes their prices in dollars is trying to rip you off.

8. the poorer the country, the more polluted it is.

9. madonna is the most universal artist on the face of the planet. how very scary.

10. a beer goes a long, long way towards improving a bad day.

One Response to “more random wisdom”

  1. daddio
    September 30th, 2006 13:29

    #10 works for me…but it is also great on those most excellent days as well.

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