five years ago.

i’ve been a new yorker at heart from the very first day i moved in – it’s been “home” no matter where else I go. and i knew, from that day forward that the city, the people, the world would never ever be the same again. we all did. the world turned upside down for everyone.

but if there is anything this trip has taught me, it is this: understanding is the weapon. empathy is the antidote. hate cannot grow in the presence of tolerance. we will only survive when we learn to lean on each other. we share a planet, and we are interdependent. no man is an island.

i think we all still grieve for what was lost. more than lives, more than innocence. more than any words could say.

but the remedy for the hurt is only love. it is the only thing which heals. it is the only answer which makes sense in a crazy world, the only thing we can all share in common, the only thing which makes us human.

i am glad i am far away today – watching the media would be too hard. but i will never forget.

the simplest message is the truest. all you need is love.

One Response to “remembering”

  1. raul n jean
    September 11th, 2006 16:50

    Jen, We are glad to know that you andJonno are well.We have been reading your log,and find it very interesting. take care ,Love Raul and Jean :)

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