life on mars

we’re here in the driest desert on earth. i’d forgotten how otherworldly deserts can be. vast expanses of flat. shimmering mirage oases that dance at the horizon, tantalising. dunes and valleys, a palette of pastels and earth tones. deep purples and light greens highlighted against blue blue sky. shadows and light hide in crags and crevices, creating landscapes from another planet. the blinding light of salt crystals and the cracked floodpans, opening their mouths in anticipation. it’s unbelievable that this place could sustain life. yet here the residents of san pedro de atacama thrive.

welcome to mars.

(i have some amazing photos to go with this post. sadly, the internet connection in san pedro de atacama is from the dark ages, so they’ll have to wait. tomorrow we *hopefully* head for bolivia [a 3 day journey by jeep], although the mountain pass has been closed up to today due to snow, so fingers crossed!)

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