hitting the slopes, part 2

and so we make our pilgrimage to the mountains of wanaka. i say pilgrimage, because there are parts of this trip which take on a mystical or spiritual quality for one of us, and the ski slopes have been j’s version of mecca back since we booked our flights. no matter how tight the budget or time, there was no way we were *not* going.

i, on the other hand, was a little trepidatious – worried i’d forgotten how to ride this particular bicycle. after all, we’ve only been boarding once before.

and the first 10 minutes on the toddler slope were maddeningly frustrating… until suddenly, it all clicked back into place.

and from there on out, we had a fabulous time. we both improved by leaps and bounds, giggling with glee over how much fun we were having, laughing at ourselves when we landed hard. we were like kids, challenging each other to go faster, turn harder. it was snow play like i haven’t experience since i was young. put simply, we had a blast.

and j hasn’t stopped grinning yet :)

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