more washout

well tongariro never happened. it was rainy and misty as all hell, and even though i’d probably still have attempted it in the rain, there’s really no point if you can’t see more than 100 metres in front of you. sigh. big time disappointment.

however we went to the cute little town of napier, which was flattened by an earthquake in the 1930s and rebuilt from the ground result – the end result being an architechturally fascinating collection of art deco buildings. i love gorgeous architecture, so i was in heaven – okay, i went a little snap happy. it was like walking through the set of a movie. ever see “pleasantville”? yeah, just like that.

however the rains have continued to plague us all the way to the south of the north island, so not much to write home about. a few aborted attempts to see coastal scenery, and find the imaginary colony of fur seals alluded to by our horrible guidebook (never, ever buy the “footprints” books, they’re just rubbish!) we’ve settled into a comfortable camping routine, and become experts at finding the nicest rest stops to spend the night at (yes, yes, it’s illegal, but *everyone* does it…) and i’ve become quite the 2 square foot chef.

we’re headed for the south island today, and hoping mightily to escape the wet… i blame kerryn (who has reportedly jinxed us for sending him a postcard from fiji…)

the photos from rotorua and waitomo are here - see if you can spot the glow worms

til then, my pretties!

4 Responses to “more washout”

  1. Kerryn
    August 10th, 2006 11:21

    hey hey hey … in my defence … you made me extremely jealous! ;)

  2. vanessa
    August 10th, 2006 13:51

    poo on all that rain! So sorry. I hope it dries out!


  3. Your Sister
    August 10th, 2006 16:02

    Okay, how big are those spiders, because damn! they have some big webs.

  4. Avril
    August 10th, 2006 16:51

    Art Deco, lucky you – it’s my favourite period.

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