star struck

we head up the hill in the dark to the plateau far above the sea and lights. at the top, we lie down side by side and wonder up at the inky blue-black heavens. i’d forgotten just how many stars you can see in the southern hemisphere. a profusion of dancing, glittering pinpricks piercing the vaccum, defining the infinite. an emabarrassment of riches carelessly strewn across the evening velvet. no moon to overshadow their quiet constant presence. stars streaking, falling so thickly i cannot keep up with wishes. the southern cross. orion. the dog star. the ethereal swathe of milky way streaked through the middle. touchstones scattered to the edge of the horizon in every direction, the deeper layers revealing themselves the longer we gaze into the ever deepening night. until finally, chilled, dizzy, star-struck we cautiously make our way back down into the light.

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