“bula” – it’s a fijian word you hear everywhere you go. it’s chanted during kava drinking sessions, said in passing on the street, offered as a warm welcome to guests. it’s a greeting, a blessing, a wish, and the literal translation is “life”.

and i feel it working on me – the tension easing. i didn’t realise just how much i needed to relax until i started letting go – we’ve not spent more than 4 nights in any one place since we started this trip. we’ve been on a tear, and every second has been wonderful – but it has taken a toll. and so this is what we’re doing these two weeks – melting into the sand, staring into a blue so gloriously vivid it hurts your eyes. we could spend time seeking out the village culture, or visiting historical sights, or oging on nature hikes. there is so much more to fiji – but all i need right now, all i want is some sun in my hair and sand in my toes. i am meditating on the calm. pondering the innumerable grains of sand. gazing at endless horizons. watching sunsets. contemplating the meaning. emptying my heart and mind so the can be filled up.

just being.

sometimes, that’s all that’s required.


(the internet connection is both extremely expensive and unreliable, so updates and photos may be spotty)

2 Responses to “bula”

  1. Liz
    July 30th, 2006 11:09

    Wish I had found yuor blog earlier.
    Good writing
    Will be checking back
    City Slicker

  2. Jen
    August 1st, 2006 03:12

    why thanks! glad you enjoy :)

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