a new phase

we leave for singapore tomorrow, signifying the end of the south east asia phase of our journey, and the halfway mark of our trip.

not really sure how to characterise my feelings at this point. i will miss these countries terribly. they’re on the cusp of becoming something truly unique and vital. while on the one hand i wish everyone could get to experience the customs and cultures of this corner of the world, i also worry for the preservation of them. places like cambodia which are on the edge of a tourism boom – yet not perhaps strong enough just yet to withstand the impact that accompanies it. and places like vietnam and laos – which are so close to shaking off the economic fetters of socialism that hold them back from the larger stage, yet not stable enough to avoid leaving so many behind in the wave of capitalism (such as has happened in russia).

things are changing so quickly, it makes your head spin.

so i would say i am anxious. and hopeful.

and grateful.

3 Responses to “a new phase”

  1. Anglofille
    July 8th, 2006 20:05

    Wow, almost halfway done already! I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures so far. I hope the rest of your trip is as rewarding for you.

  2. k
    July 9th, 2006 08:21

    As expected, you and Jonno are making the most of your trip and I’d bet the rest will bring you even more adventures and great finds, and of course, no more lengthy, smelly, frustrating bus trips. Looking forward to the next installment of “where we are now”.

  3. Jen
    July 9th, 2006 13:58

    awww, thanks y’all. writing this blog has helped me fix so many memories in my mind that might otherwise be forgotten. and if it’s halfway entertaining… then bonus!

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