number 52 on the list of “101 things to do before i die”

i’ll admit it – i was nervous.

because after years of dreaming about seeing angkor wat, i was afraid that it was bound to somehow disappoint. i was worried it would be too touristy, too hyped. i desperately wanted it to be so special – but like a chocolate kept too long, sometimes these things go stale. not everything can live up to one’s dreams.

j had to talk me into going – it was already afternoon on our first day in siem reap, and clouds were threatening overhead.

but in the end it was probably the best thing tha could have happened. unbelievably enough, we had the place nearly to ourselves. it *did* rain – but that only made it more atmospheric. we spent hours wandering and exploring the place on our own – making it our own. wondering at the mystery, awestruck by the beauty, letting it fill up our senses.

as j says, it really does knock your little socks off.

it was the experience of a lifetime. there is no other word – it was magical.

view the photos here (admittedy, i went a little snap-happy with the camera! sorry!)

One Response to “number 52 on the list of “101 things to do before i die””

  1. daddio
    July 7th, 2006 10:33

    you are taking more people pictures…love them. i know it is hard to do, but they are wonderful.

    hard to believe, but during the war we contemplated bombing angkor wat because the kamer rouge were using it as a sanctuary (or so we believed). sanity prevailed…at least in this instance.

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