world cup madness

can i just say that the us v. ghana world cup game had the most flagrant diving, overwrought playacting and biased refereeing of any match i have ever seen, and it made me irate to know that we lost the game *not* because we were outplayed, but because ghana spent more time rolling around on the pitch clutching their legs than they did upright on two feet. I supported ghana when they played against the czech republic and they played skillfully in that match, but this match was an atrocity of dirty tricks and poor sportsmanship.

i’m not a conspiracy theorist, but i am actually half inclined to believe that there was strong political pressure on the refs to ensure that at least one african team made it through. the u.s. didn’t play brilliantly… but they didn’t deserve to lose out on bad/missed calls.

i will be cackling gleefully as ghana get steamrolled by brazil in the next round, and if the score against them reaches the double digits it’ll be because they spent more time lying on their backs looking for foul calls than they do playing the ball. that shit doesn’t stand up to real talent.

3 Responses to “world cup madness”

  1. dave
    June 25th, 2006 21:39

    agreed. but now that they are out….


  2. Jen
    June 26th, 2006 08:44

    well, i *should* support england… but i just don’t like the team. besides, i have to root for whoever they’re up against, just to annoy j ;)

    i like portugal, and i like brazil.

  3. Anglofille
    June 26th, 2006 19:54

    I’m not into watching the World Cup, but from what I’ve seen, I agree with you about the guys rolling around on the field in hysterics. I’ve never seen anything like it in professional sports. SO melodramatic!!!

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