two months in: lessons learned

1. never take soap or toilet paper for granted

2. deet is useless – mozzies bite

3. always count your change

4. never trust the motives of someone who tries to sell you their service. when someone tries to solicit you (even if they’re offering something you need) turn them down and ask someone else yourself. this particularly applies to taxis and hotels.

5. take other travellers’ advice with a grain of salt – then go see for yourself and form your own opinion

6. write things down

7. always apologise before long journeys – they’re miserable enough without bickering

8. never pass up an opportunity to get wet or dirty

9. clothes always take longer to dry than you think

10. books are priceless – and literacy is an incredible gift

11. leeches suck

12. when you have to encounter or deal with something unavoidably disgusting, deliberate mental denial goes a long way… (”I’m going to pretend that never happened.”)

13. transportation may be easier now than it has ever been in the history of mankind, but when you want to be with your family yesterday, even one mile is a mile too far.

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