goodbye china, hello thailand

moving on now to thailand, and i feel ready for another country, another time zone, a change of custom and language and scenery, a change of money and pace. it’s not that i’m tired of china, but that i am eager to see what the rest of asia holds.

but here are some snapshots of china that i wish i could have taken:

the bobble-headed mario lemieux doll in a random shop window in xi’an

hodling my own in a “chinese queue” at the bus station ticket window (liberal use of elbows involved)

the phone-relay conversation with the datong cabbie and his one english speaking friend on the other end of the line acting as translator

the national obsession with meat-on-a-stick

the praying monks at wutai shan

the sign which read “please protect your valuables – keep them with you in your head space.”

the hilarity of “point and pray” dining

the pure joy of a solid 2 hour all-english movie, with popcorn on a rainy day

twelve sales clerks for every one customer

coal factories everywhere

the sight of us traipsing down the dusty highway in pingyao with trucks whizzing past us

all these and more will have to stay imprinted on my memory… until next time.

2 Responses to “goodbye china, hello thailand”

  1. tanis
    May 15th, 2006 19:36

    Your month in China seemed to fly by – does it seem that way to you? It’s been wonderful to live vicariously through you and the pictures are awesome. May Thailand be as wonderful to you both.

  2. Jen
    May 16th, 2006 08:57

    yeah, the month was soooo fast! thanks for the lovely comments :)

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