file under: cute and funny

cute: all the toddlers here wear these little pants with a split in the crotch, and no undies. so everywhere you go, you see cute little baby bums. i’m dying to take a photo, but afraid of being seen as a paedophile!

funny: finally broke down and bought lotion today, for my poor parched skin. the lady who was trying to sell it to me was such a great salesperson. she kept enthusiastically miming putting lotion over her whole body, and trying to point out from the bottle, the many benefits of each lotion (as if i understood a word she was saying) and all the while saying, “shuka, shuka. shuka, shuka.” it was so hilarious i was tempted to prolong the transaction just to watch her jump around lotioning herself some more saying “shuka, shuka”.

i know. i’m going to hell.

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