sox love

you knew i couldn’t go a whole six months without checking in on my beloved red sox. who whipped the aces of the hated yanks last night 7-3, hooray! and a big welcome back to our favourite knuckleball catcher, doug mirabelli. we love ya’.

2 Responses to “sox love”

  1. DAVE
    May 2nd, 2006 20:10

    Yup. He landed at Logan at 6:48, was picked up in a State Police cruiser, delivered to the park promptly at 7:00 (for a 7:05 start) jumping out of the cruiser IN UNIFORM! It was great, he almost stole the show from he-who-shall-not-be-named.
    Great game, h-w-s-n-b-n went 0-4…..

    Best t-shirt:

    Looks like jesus
    Acts like judas
    Throws like mary


  2. Jen
    May 3rd, 2006 12:48

    woo hoo|! wish i coulda seen it!

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