waste not, want not.

the influence of communism in china isn’t immediately apparent until you start looking at all the multitude of ways that utilitarianism pervades the everyday ethos.

fashion sense is utilitarian in the extreme – if it covers you, and it’s warm, why not wear it? high-falutin’ notions of colour-coordination don’t even enter the picture. that rattling deathtrap of an automobile? if it still goes forward, then health and safety be damned. if you can squeeze an extra person into a sapce, you do. if you can do without something, you do. everything is spare and there is very little waste. even in the workforce, there is an understanding that everyone can be put to use in some way. everyone has a very specific job, a purposeful role to play – from the street sweeper to the woman who approves the bus to leave the station.

nothing is left unused.

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